Yoga Nidra: Steps-5 & 6

Yoga Nidra: Steps-5 & 6

After completing the first four steps, Mind will have come to a stage of fewer thoughts. Now the following steps are to be practiced.

Yoga Nidra Step-5: “A Wish or resolve” is a deep thought expressed using all senses mentally (Anahata). This can be a long-term and selfless desire for the world where self may or may not be a tiny part. Longterm means the priorities. The person can filter the thoughts and choose a single thought among many. Leaving all the small tiny desires, enhance the clarity of mind. This is a silent language of interaction with the God. Eg: Oh God please save this environment from plastic. Now the body and mind connection can be understood clearly by traveling through Autonomic nervous stem and functions that are Chakras/ energy wheels.

Yoga Nidra Step-6: “Chakra awareness” is the appreciation of autonomic and cosmic functions which we know. Energy wheel is the Electro-Magnetic power emerges out from every cell according to Physics. This energy from solid cells like the skin is also receiving from deep sensitive cells called glands. These are the generators works for Homeostasis around them than stagnant function like skin cells. As the T-cells matured at Thymus Gland, they are working at all around the body without any discrimination. Hence the Thymus gland is a generator at ribcage region also called heart chakra or Anahata chakra. Knowing or remembering these details at the present moment and appreciating is the chakra awareness. The witness and experiencing along the axis of the body tunes the mind beyond physical existence. Now the mind is beyond the emotions and is ready for expressing the wish without emotions and self. Repeat the “Wish” and sleep.

Long term wish is the clearing of mind from temporary desires.

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