Tradition is considered to be the shine from within. The tranquility makes all different from one to other. The mental and physical conduct of life is the base for our outward appearance and that is how the world receives us. The word Traditional has come into the world to show that path of enlightenment from within. The values of tradition vary from region to region, but they all say same. Tranquility is the key life. Understand that traditional values and conduct is very basic in India. Each activity has its own scientific background and the effect on health. That is how the mind will explore the many spiritual powers. Here is an example of such daily routine.


Using natural material like grass as a mat is used to improve natural energy (Prana) through pleasant smell (aromatherapy concept).

Floor or ground gives a good stability for our parts. All body parts adjust according to the stable floor which improves the strength of the internal organs and immunity.

When the Gravity is very near to the skin, the ionic changes of body fluids will be easy to remove wastes and make the body weightless and effortless. Hence, the person will be fresh and enthusiastic after wake-up. This way even the small joint problems like vertebral column issues will be easily re-arranged with gravity. Eg; sleeping on the hard surface is the best for treating a lower back ache case.

Keeping the head towards the east where the sunlight is less by evening, allows the good sleep. By morning, slow rising of temperature allows the alertness better.

Getting up from right side also helps the heart to take up a load of circulation to active parts.

Overall Biorhythm of the body is achieved through gravity (Shavasana) and activation of the Pineal gland (Sahasrara Chakra) at night sleep.






Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga as an ancient tradition and science has all these potentials and should be given to the next generations as it is. This is to provide them a good health and also the environment. Students should learn how to live with the environment and its changes than comforts. Yoga teacher training must have these clues as a schedule for total personality development which is good for social health too. So, through yoga practice, we can be built a new healthy and energetic spiritual human on this planet.


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