Sufferings of life can be anything from physical to mental and beyond. As the expectancy of modern times increases, the fruits of action also yields negetive times called sufferings in the present or future times. Yoga as the ancient science, can be the way to understand the suffering and solve in spiritual way. Here is a tiny part of philosophy called Yoga Vasishta.

Yoga Vasishta says sufferings are of two types. SARA is from past life and SAMANYA is from the present life. These two are considered to be ADI because they are from the MIND. ANADIJA VYADI is that which happens from the outside environment like infections. These are not relevant to stressed MIND. Anadija vyadi happens unexpectedly from surroundings like accidents, infections or maybe by birth like genetic problems.

Genetic disease



Born out of stressed MIND

2.      ANADIJA

Not from stressed MIND

1.      SARA

(From past life)


Eg: Life events, Personality (Samskaras)

Treatment: Good actions, Karma Yoga

Eg: Genetic, Deformities

Treatment: Self-realization


2.      SAMANYA

(From present life)


Eg: Cancer, Allergy

Treatment: Meditation, Mantra Chanting


Eg: Infections, Injuries

Treatment: Medicine, Surgery


Techniques of Yoga can reach the sufferings of human from the gross level to spiritual level. The tendency of person or personality is also considered to be healed by regular practice of Yoga Meditation and Yoga Kriya (Shatkriyas). Philosophical discussion can result in the realization and improves the acceptance levels than any other modern medical treatments. The prayers specifically for the different part of the body like Chakras can vibrate the energy field and helps in recovering even cancer and yields realization of facts. If the story of Ashtavakra introduced a great sage for the whole world. Hence the genetic deformities should be accepted into the minds.

Confidence develops from the perception, from the environment and from the people around. Hence the Immunity depends on the factors around the person and the perception. Making a child to face the world with spirituality, nothing can stops the transformation. Daily practices like Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dhyana, Kriya and the Mantra chanting helps the generations. Integrative approach of all yoga techniques is the lifestyle. This alone helps the modern generations in the path of evolution.


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