Yoga for Joint Cartilage

Yoga for Joint Cartilage

As per the basic requirement, cartilage is made up of Collagens, Proteoglycans, Proteins, Growth factors like IGF-1, TGF-beta and less amount of Cytokines. Same way it can degenerate from the normal structure when there is more collagenases, Gelatinases, fewer Glucocorticoids, more Cytokines like Interleukins-1 Alfa, and Tumor NEcrosis Factor (TNF). Apart from these structural matrix compositions, other factors which may destruct the joint cartilage are given below. Which can be modified with natural mechanics like Yoga practices.










The major destructing sources are; abnormal usage of joints, its genetic predisposition, stress which aggravates the immune cells, and disturbance of Calcium and sodium metabolism. Among all these sources, stress as per Patanjali’s words, “Yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha”, mastery of mind is the first step of Yoga, which helps the Joint cartilage problems like Rheumatoid Arthritis, and its predisposition can be late or can become Asymptomatic. Hence the proper utilization of joints with internal awareness prevents the cartilage destruction in case of Osteo Arthritis. Metabolism of Calcium and Sodium will obviously be balanced and prevent Gout and pseudogout. From such mind-body interactions, the immune system will be strong enough to withstand the infections like Septic Arthritis.

Knowing Yoga practices is not enough to get its benefits. Experience the changes with practice and faith. The bodily practice, the presence of mind and proper mechanism of breath are possible with Yoga practices. This is how the mind-body practices helps in healing and preventing the progression of auto-immune and genetic diseases.

Not all the practices are recommended for cartilage degeneration. Once the predisposition is identified or already diagnosed with the cartilage degeneration, start the session with loud chanting of Sanskrit mantra, Kapalabhati, slow and progressive individual joint movements, relaxation techniques in Shavasana and meditation will help in reducing the symptoms. Then slowly progresses to few more asana as per the stamina. Now the phase of intense training, Sattvik diet and oil massage should be started under the guidance of an expert as personal contact programs.


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