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“Padma” means Lotus in English. It represents the divine and pure mind.

If the person is practicing this regularly, the transformation happens in the self and can be transferred to the next generation from prenatal women apartment.

Here are the preparatory practices which lead to LOTUS POSE. Which leads to activation of Mooladhara chakra or Root center. Which further responsible for the activation of “Kundalini or serpent powerDownload The Wandering Blade. The activation of energy points of lower meridians helps all these energies or subtle changes.

  • Technique: Feet crossed under thighs.
  • Weight: Weight of the thighs will be on the ankles and feels pressure underneath the lateral malleolus of ankles.
  • Pelvic muscles: Especially Psoas muscles contracted to balance the body into front direction 포르자 호라이즌4. Constant hip flexion or less degree of hip movement results in the congested area.
  • Pelvic organs: Will be in a congested place from all directions.
  • Benefits: Beneficial for general health and all stages of pregnancy Download the visual studio 2015 community.

2. SIDDHASANA (Accomplished Pose for Men) and SIDDHA YONI ASANA (Accomplished Pose for Women)

  • Technique: Forefoot into the gap between the thigh and calf muscles, heel touches the perineum.
  • Weight: Ankle is over the soft region of calf muscles with soft fixation of forefoot between calf and hamstrings muscles of opposite limb 맥에서 유튜브 영상 다운로드. Hence the weight will be easily transferred to the front or into the base of support.
  • Pelvic muscles: Lack of pressure from the ground on lateral malleolus (outer part of the ankle) reduces the demand on the protective mechanism by Psoas muscles.
  • Pelvic organs: Will be in a little less tensed area from all directions.
  • Benefits: Useful for last trimester of pregnancy 파워 포인트 폰트.


  • Technique: Feet flat on the floor little away from the perineum.
  • Weight: The gap between the ankles and the perineum with flat ankles on the ground allow the thighs to the floor easily and reduces the Psoas muscle tension 백악관 최후의 날 다운로드.
  • Pelvic muscles: Hip lateral rotators and the Psoas muscles are relaxed in this position
  • Pelvic organs: Enough space for the organs and their blood flow. Harmony of the functions ensures the subtle body or aura or electromagnetic power from inside to out.
  • Benefits: Best for last trimester of pregnancy


  • Technique: Ankles placed on opposite thighs, feet facing upwards.
  • Weight: Lateral rotation of thighs is the proper way of transmitting body weight onto the base of support. Thighs fix the whole vertebral column in vertical position Download orange for oracle 5.0.
  • Pelvic muscles: Normal length of muscles all around the region allow the balanced blood flow, balanced involuntary impulses. Oxygenation, action potential, and the homeostasis lead to the Aura.
  • Pelvic organs: Organs will be functioning in a balanced way 호비 극장판.
  • Benefits: Best pose for pre-menstruation and prenatal phases. Best pose for mind functions like concentration, attention, creative works and to meditate for spiritual powers as mentioned in Patanjali Yoga Sutras, 3rd chapter.


Spiritual Benefits of LOTUS POSE:

Activation of lower meridians from feet will flow towards the root center.

Activation of hand meridians also joins the root center with Jnana mudra (palms facing down beyond knees).

Stability of body and mind happens automatically with the “Samam Kaya Shiro Greevam” that is an alignment of body, head, and neck in a line according to “Bhagawad Gita”.

“Patanjali maharshi” given “Samyama” that is contemplation formula. That is combination of concentration, meditation and merge in the present. Be in the pose and focus or visualize Lotus.

“Ancient scriptures,” says “Manasa Vacha karmana” that is in the present with thought, speech and action is the clue for a balanced life or successful life. It means,

Manasa means Thought- it is the “symbol of god and goddess with Lotus”,

Vacha means Speech- it is “have the meaning of Lotus”, and

Karmana means Action- it is adopting “Lotus pose”.

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