Mile sur, hamara sur- Yoga view

Mile sur, hamara sur- Yoga view

The concept of integration in the modern times has been put forwards to the common people with a beautiful song “Mile suru mera tumhara, to sur bane hamara to sur bane hamara” meaning “When my musical note and your musical note merge, it becomes our musical note”. This song is based on traditional and cultural diversions of India written in 1988 by Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad as per 8th Constitution of India. People have different traditions yet live together under one roof of, India. That Unity is the treasure house of India. Which other countries see as a creation and try to appreciate or learn. On the special day of Independence Day, 15/8/2017, this concept of Unity in diversity has to be remembered and understood again and again. Integration comes by combining but not by comparisons. This is how the national integrity and unity in diversity shines everywhere in India.

If we can extend the relation of the word Unity, it is not about the physical conduct, but about the social conduct (sense of humanity and spirituality). With this pupil, the sentence “Mile Suru Mera Tumhara” can be “shearing of knowledge from treasure house “India” to the individual “any one” and reach the higher dimensions of humanity. As mentioned in many Yoga texts, Yoga means “union of the individual soul with the Universal soul”. The sentence “To sur bane hamara” is becoming indifferent in yogic qualities. As mentioned by Swami Vivekananda Ji, every individual is potentially divine. Let us dig the potentials by following strict Yogic lifestyle. This is how the individual efforts can bring the worldly unity. Collaboration among countries is the live example happening around.

Moral: Think globally and Work locally


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