Jala Neti-connect-modern-science-to-ancient-technology

Jala Neti-connect-modern-science-to-ancient-technology

Introduction to Jala Neti: As part of Shat Karma or Shat Kriya this technique is the subdivision of “Neti” alone as shown in the picture below.






Materials for Jala Neti: Apart from the preparation of water, the testing, and cleaning part of the jala neti needs the materials as shown in the picture.



Teaching methodology of Jala Neti practice: Alignment of the spine, nostril direction, and amount of mouth breathing can be understood from the picture below.




Correction techniques of Jala Neti: Continuous self-monitoring can be understood as shown in the picture. That allows a person to test and move-on accordingly.



The winding procedure of Jala Neti: Additional practices to prevent further complications can be understood as shown in the picture.






Indications and Contra-Indications of Jala Neti: External temperature, climate, the internal status of health can be understood as shown in the picture.



Hormonal changes with Jala Neti practice: Autonomic nervous system and endocrine system changes will be understood with attention as shown in the picture.






Author information: Contact details for further discussion and research in the field are given below.

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