Health Benefits of Badhkonasana(Butterfly Pose)

Health Benefits of Badhkonasana(Butterfly Pose)

Badhkonasana – Bound Angle Pose

There is absolutely no doubt that yoga is very popular all over the world for its life changing approach. Being part of the daily life routine most of the people learn to enjoy life because of yoga, but do you know what is the secret of yoga for its great going, it’s totally depends on its roots, the roots which tells you about all the approaches, poses   and significance of all the exercises in an aggregate. That is why yoga is so beautiful despite so much complexity it delivers itself with ease, and one of the approaches is detailed with the name called Baddha Konasana also known as bound angle pose, throne pose or cobbler’s pose and on the historical basis it is also called Bhadrasana. But what Baddha Konasana practice do to draw’s people attention, let’s put your attention over its detailed information and try to know what Bhadrasana is all about?

It is basically a seated asana where you seat to squat joint the soles of your feet while maintaining the pose relax your shoulder with both the palm of your hands on your feet in an joining position while gazing in the front with your eyes wide open. Quite simply it gives a gentle stretch throughout your legs and gives attention to your overall body. In the very beginning you are about to realize that it is a meditation seat and meditation has its own set of benefits even if it is merged.

Steps – Badhkonasana:-

  • Take your seat in a staff pose.
  • Now the second step is bent down your knees and joints the soles of your feet together face to face.
  • Now hold your feet with your both hands from the toes and upper part of your feet.
  • Move your heels to the inguinal region(between the abdomen and the thigh on either side of the public bone)
  • Breathe out and let down your knees to the ground
  • Take care of your arms and shoulders they should be relaxed.
  • Press down your hip bone to the ground and stretch your head vertically up which provides an open mug for your spinal cord to lengthen itself
  • You can assume that your knees moving like the wings of butterfly
  • Hold this pose for two minutes after this.
  • Then back to the top.


Benefits of Badhkonasana:-

  • First it comes to stretching which is very essential and pointing out on your thighs and groin.
  • It is very helpful In terms of increasing flexibility of angles, knees, feet and hips.
  • Opens pelvic region.
  • It resolves the issue of painful or irregular periods that is menstrual issues.
  • Very effective in state of urinary disorders.
  • Cut the tension with a knife in the areas of thighs, groin and provide proper and essential gap between the hips and inner thighs.
  • Good exercise for the lumbar region of the body.
  • It has a very positive impact over the patients suffering from the issue of high blood pressure.
  • Provide necessary breather to your body.
  • Very beneficial for the asthma patients.



Every good effect has its own adverse effect if you don’t do it properly before practicing it you should be clearly mindful about its impact over your body in a worst possible way in a different scenarios. Things got limitations and it has limitations too. This asana should be strictly avoided in any case of groin or knee injury. And be very careful while bending. If you suffering from high blood pressure or any cardiac problems, Baddha Konasana should be avoided by ladies in case of menstruating or should be performed under guidance of a yoga expert during those days.


So, Baddha Konasana has its bilateral impact over your body try to be knowledgeable before using it is not a rocket science to understand. Baddha  Konasana has its significance on your body in a different-different way . Optimistic approach is always comes to your mind whenever you perform it and you don’t find yourself in a numb situation. With the touch of meditation in its corner you feel really relaxed. This yoga practice will eliminate most of the diseases from your body if you do it on a daily routine. This is all to say for this root of yoga which provides every positive glimpse to your life.


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