Ganesh Chaturthi- Yoga Technique

Ganesh Chaturthi- Yoga Technique

Father of Yoga, Patanjali Maharshi gave us clues about the social health through its conduct, and spiritual health through its conduct.

  1. Friendly towards happy people.
  2. Compassionate towards unhappy people.
  3. Delight towards virtuous people.
  4. Disregard the wicked people.

All the times you remain calm and peaceful in your heart, body, and mind. Now you have the eligibility to do “Samyama”. It is the combination of steps like trying to focus (Dharana) on one object, effortless concentration (Dhyana) and merge without duality (Samadhi).

Samyama on Elephant picture:

PYS-3.25: “baleshu hasti baladini” means, by practicing Samyama on strengths of an elephant, the yogi attains the strength of an elephant etc.

Apart from the mythology of lord Ganesh getting elephant face, Patanjali Maharshi gave us the tag of the importance of that elephant face. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, by seeing the elephant face of Lord Ganesh/ Ganpati, people get a chance to do Samyama and the strength of an elephant. This spiritual activity improves the physical, mental, social, and environmental strengths. This became a tradition for everyone. According to Patanjali Maharshi, seeing Lord Ganesh’s face not only on the festival day but also on any other day can give the benefit. But Yogi alone knows the way (Samyama) to get those benefits in a spiritual way on any day. So, not just the Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, and Meditation, gives strength, it’s the Samyama.

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