Cultivation and Culturing of Mind is YOGA

Cultivation and Culturing of Mind is YOGA

Cultivation is the physical activity with different beings of this globe that is plants/ trees. This interaction between two different beings is absolutely a different language beyond physical touch. The mind, breath and touch all will provoke the potential of plants. This is the way culturing of mind happens with agriculture. There is no specific region or time for this way of emotional culture in one’s life. A small piece of time can change entire book of day. According to Yoga sutras, “Tada Drashtuhu Swaroope Avasthanam” means “we are that what we see”. If the seen object is a life of other being which needs mind and energy as a language, the learner can detach from the outside thoughts. This progress to much internal awareness, calm mind, and relaxed breath. These steps assist the overall transformation.

Wheat grass in class room
Provoke germination


Wheatgrass Cultivation with yoga practices
Karma Yoga











Energize with nature like wheatgrass








“This is the secret of agriculture which keeps the former healthier than corporate men.”

Yoga has to be learned from all directions and implemented in all directions, then it becomes a lifestyle. Realization of everything as a living entity of this nature is YOGA.


Few steps for Yoga students;

  1. Prepare the ground and plan small plants like wheat grass or Coriander or Mint
  2. Plantation with OM chanting
  3. Watering with Mantras
  4. Conduct meditation every day
  5. Finally, sacrifice for future people (unknown)

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