The cow is also called as “Kamadhenu” which fulfills all desires. When the ocean was churned Cow has come out with woman face before the Nectar. The cow is the representation of Dharma. According to,

Katopanishat: Cow eats grass and water, hence it is Sattvik.

Mahabharata: Cow urine & cow dung are sacred.

Atharvana Veda: With cow milk and Ghee weak can be strengthened, nurture the sick person.

As mentioned in Charaka Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Vaghbhati, Nighantu, Ratnakar etc.

  Cow Milk: has fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin-B and capacity for body resistance to radiation and aids brain cell regeneration.

Cow Ghee: adding this to fire in the ceremony will mix in air and increases air’s oxygen level.

Cow Urine: it has anti-cancer, antibacterial, anti- fungal and anti-oxidant properties. It boosts the immune system. It is fungicidal and promotes the growth of the different crops.

Cow Dung: it has radium & checks radiation effects. Ashes of cow dung cleanse the water.

Mahatma Gandhi mentioned that Cow is useful when it is alive and equally after death. It is greater than the mother.


  Bringing the cow into a newly built house and Feeding is called as Govardhana pooja (Cow feeding worship). After that, the cow dung and urination purifies that place and brings the wealth of the people around.

The cow is considered to be goddess “Lakshmi”, hence the family will be protected from poverty.

Having Cow with Calf in front of kids, can aids the developmental stages, creativity, and intelligence.


A cow can be feed, can be worshiped by doing chanting or prayers, protection is all considered to be different ways of worship.

According to Yoga texts like Hatha Rathnavali, different animals were chosen to get the same potential in human. In that list of animals, Cow is one and is called as Gow or Go. GoMukhasana is Cow face pose.

GOMUKHASANA/ COW FACE POSE: Feet resemble ears, knees resemble jaws, and elbows resemble horns of the cow. This pose should be practiced with a lot of positive mind about the sacredness of Cow.

  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces sciatica by opening Hips, shoulders & rib cage
  • Strengthens spine & abdominals because of the proper passage of the line of gravity throughout the vertebral column.
  • This pose has a wide base of support and the gravitational force will be lesser.
  • This gives good balance & can be used for meditation.

The practitioner should be able to focus on breath or heartbeat or changes in the body during the maintenance phase of this asana. This is the inward journey or awareness. Hence this pose may be able to improve the internal strength. The practitioner may gain the ability to make his or her body cells so energetic, ionized, luminiscent. So beyond gaining general health, the spiritual qaulities will be shown out in appearance, thinking and conduct of life. Practitioner has to focuss on these calues of Cow and gain such qualities.

Prepared by,

Ammu Teacher

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