Contraction- Concentric & Eccentric

Contraction- Concentric & Eccentric

Dynamic movements need the adjustment of muscle work.

This is by Basal ganglia and Cerebellum from the central nervous system.

Understanding of dynamic position requires a lot of internal awareness and patience.

Group practice can give courage to weak minded people.

Concentric contraction: here the joint must be away from its neutral with the shortening muscles on one side. Where the weight bearing and chance of compression are more.

Eccentric contraction: here the joint will be away from neutral as usual with lengthened muscles on opposite side of concentric work. Where the weight bearing and the stretch are more.

Improper weight transmission and the lack of awareness are the main personal potentials required as mentioned in Patanjali Yoga Sutras (self-discipline).

Be connected to the self to avoid injuries with these basic concepts of the body and mind and make the life as a self-potential lifestyle rather than mechanical.

Learn Yoga lifestyle by living than a training program.

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