Nowadays the tradition of spreading knowledge became mandatory for conducting present physical life. If we look into the present education system, the limited knowledge is being spread from decades together. Here is the list of full knowledge which proves, we are behind the limited knowledge.

  1. Bhaskaracharya- law of Gravity
  2. Maharshi Bhardwaj Aacharya – discovered Rockets and Aeroplanes
  3. Garga Muni – The Scientist of Stars
  4. Vishwamitra Muni–Discovered and used missile systems.
  5. Aacharya Sushruta – Father of Surgery
  6. Aacharya Charak –Skin specialist
  7. Patanjali Maharshi – The Sage behind Yoga Sutra
  8. Acharya Kanad – Father of the Atomic theory
  9. Aacharya Kapila–Father of Cosmology
  10. Aacharya Chanakya  – A Great Politician

Among these ancient teachers and their knowledge, “Yoga” is all round for developing the personality and environment. One who brought the concept of stages of life with Yoga is “Patanjali” Maharshi. He gave the lifestyle into four stages. (1) Recognition of present situation of physical and mental world, (2) find the way (Yoga) to discipline the mind and body (3) Get the super natural powers or Siddhis (4) Use the earned powers to the society or spread the knowledge, which makes you realize all these stages are happened by some force. That detaches the person even from those powers and social service (Kaivalya). If every human is an enlightened person, the environment and the energy around will be matched. There will not be diseases inside the body and no natural calamities outside the body where we live.











The teacher is the one, who remains as knowledge (unseen force) of the student and guides at every step. India has so many teachers like the above list. They are the teacher of our teachers. Let us see this ancient Yoga knowledge as the actual knowledge and spend less towards modernization and physical attractions. Yoga Teacher training has to focus on these stages and recognize the potential of every student. Let us promote all round personality to explore the potential of every student. The Hidden potential may come out at any time of life. It is like a seed inside every student. When the teacher nourishes with knowledge, the sprout of potentials comes out.

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