What Do You Know About A Yoga Teacher Training Program

What Do You Know About A Yoga Teacher Training Program

 What Do You Know About Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Being a yoga teacher is always kind of a great thing , when you march yourself towards that corner of discipline that change your daily routine of life which closes you to that highest level of self- development and self-motivated. Teaching has been multidimensional along with its subjective nature. Varies with its subject and every subject has a different area of expertise one with the same unit is yoga. Yoga is always been a class act of keeping your body and mind alive and kicking. It is really a good formula but conveying this is an absolute art and this needs a mind set of its own which is depends on how you prepare yourself to put this through. Teaching is the mixture of both art and science, logic and construction that is how you build the entire culture but first it is really important to control your senses too and build what makes you a good builder . Some of the important things you always need to very conscious before you start your yoga teacher training.

Before getting ready for the class it is quite obvious you feel a bit of nervous that how to prepare for class and what to do in the class? Not sure what to expect? All these questions have been arrived before the big day, so make yourself relax we have all gone through this process. Below are the steps that helps you to prepare for your yoga teacher training.

What Is Yoga Teacher Training Program?

The packages come in a variety of forms. Some of them are 200 hours which is a minimum stipulated hour requirement and rest of the packages increases from the point mention above. Locations have been a sound discussion for yoga classes where they held some programs are in studio or at the local ashram, while others are take place in a far away location. Regardless where you take classes the idea is to shut- down from the world and gives your all on the yoga teacher training. 200-hour yoga teacher training is just the beginning on the path of yoga, if you want to go deeper than next level is 300-hour yoga ttc.

In this case you don’t have to go for years for successfully claimed the eligibility test although it doesn’t hurt. As long as you’re spiritually determined and ready to challenge you, you should be qualified to sign up for yoga teacher training, regardless of what is your age, body type or background. The challenge is the course is truly an intense one and will be the part of your life for some time in the future, the trick is to how you address the following challenges comes to you in an planned and unplanned way.

What goes on during yoga teacher training?

Now you can understand this that what it takes to be an yoga teacher because it does not limit itself to only some poses or reminding some names “No”. during the course you are expected to memorize and understand the words scripted in sanskrit  and their significance in the context  including name of poses and asanas, of which there are hundreds. You are also taught how to put together sequences in  classes, compose them. You will learn how to minimize the risk of injury and maximize the benefits of specific asanas, how to arrange the body muscles with each other as to contain breath in a slow motion pattern.  A yoga teacher training let the student know the benefits of Chanting Sanskrit mantras, their meaning in the life.  Looks like an unusual  way to do it but it is not only arises benefit out of it with a little effort from one’s side. How to properly engage them in each pose, how to prevent damaging them and how the muscles, joints and bones work together in harmony. You will also learn the organ function the ideology behind each step and the sequence of performance that what and why the next step has to be taken. You will get full blown lesson in centuries-old yogic philosophy,from the Bhagavad Gita to the yoga sutras of pantanjali and many more. You will get the core knowledge about the chakras or energy points, bandhas or energy locks, dristhis or concentration points,pranayama or inhaling and exhaling techniques. You will train in such a way that you are able to spotting miner of error and have an excellent knowledge to rectify it within a blink of an eye. It architects your life in a pattern that being mannered is just a part of life and being healthy is habitual for you.

All in one it is a tough deal and takes time , but it is truly your will to proceed and  courage to take a risk which totally worth it in the end, but as you understand the significance and importance of being one of them then you understand it will truly develop the nerves and the behavioral pattern of your life in an healthy way.


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