Eagle is called in Garuda or Jatayu in Sanskrit. In Ramayanam, Eagle loses to protect Sita but wins the war by transferring the information about Ravana. For which Eagle get a chance of death ceremony in hands of great Rama. So failing after full efforts are better than a planned success. Eagle can fly higher than other birds, can focus on very far creatures. So it has good concentration & alertness than other birds. It will not eat the dead flesh and this is the principle it follows. It has the commitment towards only one eagle for life. Female eagle has the testing ability and male has the winning ability and together spreads the knowledge to the eaglets better. It uses the own body parts (feathers) of survival for the family (making nest) and waits with patience until rejuvenation of parts at a safe place. It has a strong beak, legs, and wings. It will be excited during the storm and tries to fly against and stays with clouds. This shows the courage of life.

USA, Alaska, Homer, Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) in flight

The ego can divert the person into Ignorance. To divert the mind towards the right path, focusing and balancing posture like Eagle will help. It demands much internal awareness that is mind. and reduces the emotions. Practicing pose like Eagle, the human can gain the ability like Eagle. Benefits are strong commitment, testing and winning ability of the mind, self-awareness, rejuvenation of body & mind and courage. Hence the Eagle pose was mentioned in Yoga texts like Gheranda Samhita.


  1. Whole body weight will be onto the small base of support (BOS) (single foot).
  2. Bended knees without support make Center of gravity (COG) near to the ground and increase the chance of fall.
  3. An imaginary line through different body parts onto the BOS is the line of gravity (LOG).
  4. Adjust the weight onto the BOS give the balance and alter stability also.
  5. Look straight brings the awareness onto the breath will reduce the space for other thoughts.
  6. Hence the mind and its fluctuations will be reduced. So this pose reduces the emotions. Upper limbs represent strong beak and lower limbs represent strong bent legs of Eagle.


Step-1: Samastitihi Inhale

Step-2: Exhale, slowly bend the knees

Step-3: Inhale, lift the left foot off the ground to twist the right thigh over left and grab the left calf with right toes.

Step-4: Exhale, twist the left arm over right (with bent elbows) in front of the chest with straight fingers. Keep the erect spine, focus on normal breathing and balance for few seconds to minutes (FINAL POSE).

Step-5: Inhale, release the arms and fingers.

Step-6: Exhale, straighten the left knee and release the thighs and legs.

Step-7: Samastitihi.



Prepared by,

Ammu Teacher

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