How To Cure Asthma Without Drug

How To Cure Asthma Without Drug

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Asthma is a disease related to the Shortness of breath or Swasa. Majorly impacted on the respiratory system, this disease can be germinated from either mainly by the respiratory organs of the human body or maybe even from the other system of the body which impacts heavenly on the respiratory system of human. Environment and genetics are the main reason for Asthma, thus choosing yoga as a meditative technique for curing Asthma can be effective. Asthma can be cured effectively and painlessly through Yogic science Adobe Acrobat.

There are many poses and pranayama techniques for getting the best results in getting relief from Asthma. Correct Yogic postures or Asanas with an amalgam of deep breaths can be the best recovering technique for asthmatic condition patient. Enlisted below are some poses and specific pranayama techniques for Asthma patient.


Yoga  for curing Asthma

Pawanmuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose

This yoga poses is very effective in curing Asthma and maintaining a good flow of breath inside the body 대학생 앱. Lying flat on the back with arms and legs extended along the floor also helps in curing the problem of Indigestion. Relaxing breathe deeply and rhythmically during this pose can be very helpful to Asthma patients.


Upavishta Konasana or Seated Wide angle pose

This poses helps in stretching out the upper body and opens the lung wide open which helps in opening up your lungs Java jdk 1.6. This poses will definitely release the stress from your mind and calms down your brain. The stretching performed during the posture enhances the flexibility of the body and preventing the person from an Asthma attack.


Purvottanasana or Upward Plank Pose

Begin with a staff position and come back into the reverse tabletop position with adequate inhalation and exhalation helps up in filling your body with positive and unique thoughts Download inside games. This pose checks the hormones working and the respiratory system of the body. This yoga pose helps in maintaining the strength of your arms, back, and wrists and making you feel calm and composed, thus reducing the chances of an Asthma attack.


Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Lying down in the prone position during this asana helps in improving the blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body thus eases the symptoms of Asthma 1080p 샘플 영상 다운로드. This Pose elevates your mood, stretches the chest’s muscles and increase the flexibility of the body. Bhujangasana clears the passage to the lungs by opening up the chest.


Sukhasana or Easy Pose

As a simple seated pose, Sukhasana relaxes your brain and broadens your chests Download FriendsPop. This pose releases tension and stress from the mind and rendering you a sense of peace and calmness thus trigger an Asthma attack. Sukhasana practicing in the morning can be very much effecting in curing the disease of Asthma.


Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

Setu Bandhasana helps in improving the digestive system, thyroid glands, and opening up your lungs and chests 카카오톡 인앱브라우저 파일. By opening up the channel of lungs and chests, circulation of oxygen can be easily done thus giving better relief to the patients suffering from Ashtama.


Ardha Matsyendrasana or Sitting Half Spinal Twist

This pose improves the oxygen capacity of the lungs by clearing the passage for oxygen to enter the lungs HunterKiller. It opens up the chests by widening and stretching them thus reducing the severe chances of an Asthma attack.


Pranayama is a breathing exercise which is very effective in eradicating depression and stress, thus helps in improving lung’s functions. This breathing Yogic technique can be very effective in fighting Asthma. Here is the list of some specific Pranayama which helps in getting relief from the disease of Asthma Download Empion.


Kapal Bhati pranayama or Skull Shining Breathing technique

This pranayama technique helps in energizing our nervous system and tranquil the state of mind. This is a sure shot way in improving blood and oxygen circulation by clearing all the nadis (energy channels).


Nadi Shodhan pranayama or Nostril breathing technique alternatively

This is a very effective pranayama technique in achieving calmness to the mind 혁오 앨범. This pranayama can help in solving many problems related to the circulatory and respiratory system thus an effective exercise for Asthma person.


Anulom Vilom Pranayama

One of the very easy breathing exercises, Anulom Vilom can ease depression and stress. This Pranayama can help in achieving the utmost tranquil state of mind thus making it an effective yogic exercise for Asthma patients.



Also known as the breath of fire, this pranayama provides the sufficient amount of oxygen to our body by inhaling and exhaling. This pranayama strengthens the lungs this reducing the fear of Asthma attack.



This asana helps in the proper relaxation of your mind and body thus removing the pressure or anxiety from the body. This technique helps in the complete refreshment of the body and thus tackles Asthma effectively.

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