Bhujangasana sounds so strange at the very beginning , it seems like something which is very hard to perform and specially not for the amateurs, this all come down to dust when you actually get into it. Also known as cobra stretch this yoga technique helps your body to prepare for deeper backbends. Yoga has been renowned throughout the world for its better results and relaxing techniques and one is come from the jar when your concern is back bone and that is cobrapose, the pose is named for its resemblance to a cobra with its hood raised. It also includes in the art of modern exercise because of its significance in relaxing and stretching your spinal cord for 30 seconds minimum and gives you necessary breather.

How To Do Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra pose   (Bhujangasana) or copra stretch in modern age is a basic yoga technique most of the people often perform it easily without facing any difficult and it comes down in their routine table because of the ease that involves in its steps. Venomous as the cobra really is this technique eliminates all the pain and anxiety resides in your body specially segmented to your backbone works like a venom for your all ache subjected as a prey and purify your body.

Steps to the technique are as following.

  • You don’t have to be dressed like a cobra to start with, lie on your stomach and place your forehead on the floor in a straight stretch.
  • Have your feet together or hip width apart.
  • Pressing the top of your feet from toes to navicular to the ground.
  • Your hands should be placed underneath to your shoulders, keeping your elbows close
    tom your body.
  • Draw your shoulder blades back and down, and try to maintain this throughout the pose.
  • Draw your public bone towards the floor to stabilize your lower back and press your feet
    actively onto the floor.
  • Heading your head and chest up by lifting up off the floor with the next inhale. Be aware of opening up your chest and make sure your shoulders does not feel any stress. Don’t place all of your weight onto your hands. Keep the elbows lightly bent and keep the back muscles working. Take your hands off from the floor for a moment to see what is a
    comfortable, maintainable height for you.
  • Take 2-3 rounds for both inhale and exhale full breathe in a slowly manner and rest yourself after that on the floor.
  • After you feel a glimpse of gentle relaxation as you body releases all the uncanny heat and anxiety from the body.

Health Benefits of Cobra Pose(Bhujangasana)

Every yoga asana has its own significance, respective to each other every one of them is segmented specially to one part of a body but have a relevant impact on every part of the body. From breathing patterns to bones stretching every bit of your body has an involvement in each and every yoga exercise, same goes with cobra pose. It does not stretched out you back bones only but fired up your digestive system as well and have a pretty good impact on your heart. Provides flexibility on every edge of the body and most importantly strengthen up your spine so you can have a soft hand on lifting a heavy weight. Talk about the people those who have a high tendency of having a bad mood most of the time then this exercise makes them feel great because it does have a great impact on elevating mood. Onto the stretch of advantage cobra pose has a hand over
asthma symptoms because its patternize the breathing symmetry. It also improves circulation of blood and oxygen, especially throughout the spinal and pelvic regions. It also helps in open up your chest to clear passages of the heart and lungs. Provides
stretching to your main courses of the upper body like shoulders,chest and abdominal. Backs up your arms and shoulders with immense strength. Now you can see it is really what are the benefits cobra pose can provide to your body in absolutely no time and little effort it really does work on your over all body and most of the core functions of it.


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